Rates / Insurance

Restoration Family Counseling is an in-network provider with:

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield (all Clinicians)
    • Blue Options and PPO plans ARE covered
    • Blue Home / UNC Health Alliance Plans are not covered in the in-network contract
  • United Healthcare / Optum (Caroline Parulski, Gina Taffe)
  • Cigna (Caroline Parulski, Gina Taffe)
  • Aetna (Caroline Parulski, Natasha Goldstein, Gina Taffe)

Restoration Family Counseling also operates as a fee for service and out-of-network provider. Fees for services are listed below:

  • Comprehensive Clinical Intake (60-90 minutes) – $150
  • Individual and/or Family Psychotherapy Session (55 minutes) – $115

If you have any questions regarding your out-of-network benefits, it is important that you contact your insurance provider directly. Restoration Family Counseling cannot guarantee payment from your insurance provider but will work closely with you to ensure any requested documentation is readily available.

Couples Therapy is generally not covered under insurance benefits and the fee for service rate for Couples Counseling is $150 for the initial intake and $125 for sessions following.

    • Couples Therapy is generally not covered under insurance benefits and charged at the full out of pocket rate. This is a shift for many couples who have used insurance benefits to cover couples therapy in the past. Insurance companies are being more clear regarding therapy codes and the focus of treating a mental health condition (diagnosis) for an individual, not treating the well-being of a couple. While we understand that paying out of pocket is a financial investment, many couples have shared that it is a invaluable investment in their future.

Restoration Family Counseling accepts cash, check, or credit card at the time of service.