Young Children

Young Children –  Differentiating between normal developmental issues/behaviors and clinical issues requiring profession support can be Read More a challenging endeavor, and seeking therapy for such a young child can feel like a daunting and emotional task. Fortunately, there are evidence based and highly effective therapy modalities designed specifically for young children. These types of […]


Pre-Adolescents and Adolescents – Older children and adolescents are often able to benefit from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, an evidence based therapy for depression and/or anxiety in children/adolescents/and adults. All therapy provided by Restoration Family Counseling is based on the Rogerian principle of unconditional positive regard and cognitive based services are provided in an age-appropriate manner […]


Adults / Couples / Families – Sometimes we are the ones that need to feel restored. While Restoration Family Counseling focuses primarily on treating children/adolescents, we also feel strongly about treating and empowering adults and couples in taking charge of their lives, exploring unhelpful thoughts/patterns, and finding the necessary life/work/family balance to experience well deserved […]